• Australian Safety Approval

  • Austest Laboratories (Australia)

  • Harvest Labs (New Zealand)

  • Approval Specialists (Global)

  • Austest's EMC chamber 6 metre height, Sydney Australia

  • UV testing of plastics, paints and materials, Austest Labs Melbourne

  • AS/NZS and IEC 60335.2.109:2011 for UV radiation water treatment, Austest Labs Sydney

Austest Labs has added the following electrical standard to our accreditation:

  • IEC 61727 Photovoltaic (PV) systems – Characteristics of the utility interface

This standard applies to utility-interconnected photovoltaic (PV) power systems operating in parallel with the utility and utilizing static (solid-state) non-islanding inverters for the conversion of DC to AC.  IEC 61727 testing includes Flicker, DC injection, Harmonics and waveform distortion, Power factor, Loss of utility voltage, Over/under voltage and frequency, Islanding protection and Response to utility recovery.

This standard compliments our other accredited inverter standards including:

  • IEC 62116
  • AS 4777.2 and AS 4777.3
  • IEC 62109‐1 and IEC 62109‐2

A copy of our complete accreditation scope can be downloaded here.

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