Austest gains accreditation for USA and Canadian telecommunications standards TIA-968B and CS-03


Austest Laboratories Sydney is proud to announce the following increases to our scope of accredited testing for telecommunications equipment;

  • ANSI / TIA-968B
  • Industry Canada CS-03

Austest Laboratories is the only lab in Australia and New Zealand accredited for testing to these standards, which assist manufacturers in gaining approval to the lucrative North American markets for telecommunications products ranging from dial up products to ADSL modems.

This testing supplements Austest’s existing CB Laboratory accreditation status for testing to IEC 60950-1 covering Information Technology and Telecommunications Equipment including North American deviations.

With test times of less than 1 week, local support and the ability to file our own Industry Canada applications, product approvals for the North American market have never been easier.

Our entire scope of accredited telecommunications standards can be downloaded from here;

For a quote to these or other test standards, please use our newly revised contact page



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