Austest Melbourne adds combined vibration and temperature capabilities


Austest Laboratories is pleased to announce the further expansion of its environmental test capabilities with the commissioning of a combined electrodynamic shaker with temperature chamber at its Thomastown Vic laboratory.

Combined Temp and Vibration Testing
Combined Temp and Vibration Testing

The 10kN, 50mm displacement shaker can support payloads up to 150kg and in combination with the temperature chamber, can conduct steady-state or cyclic temperature vibration from -80 to +125°C.

With a dedicated multi-channel vibration controller offering sine, random and classical shock test profiles, tests can be performed across a 5 – 2500Hz frequency range, servicing defence, aviation, electronics, automotive and telecommunications industries.

A cable access port allows for test samples to be powered and operational during the test to ensure  reliability and durability of the test item while undergoing testing.

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