NBN Co finally release analog interface specifications


Australia’s NBN Co has released the following specifications relating to the Alcatel Network Termination Device used for homes and businesses to connect to Australian National Broadband Network (NBN):

  •  UNI-V Functional Specification
  • UNI-V Electrical Specification

Both standards can be downloaded from here:  http://www.nbnco.com.au/getting-connected/service-providers/wba.html (they are the last documents in the list).

While the analog port of the UNI-V has similar parameters as an analog extension port of a PBX in conformance with AS/CA S003, some incompatibility issues have been identified, including possible problems using the flash/recall button on some telephones and Calling Number Display Timing (Caller ID / CLI).

Austest has arranged for testing of Analogue Customer Premises Equipment (telephones, fax machines etc) in an NBN Co model environment on behalf its clients, known as the Sandpit.

Existing Austest clients are invited to contact us to arrange interoperability testing of their analog devices with the UNI-V.



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